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CommandoFit Bristol

CommandoFit Bristol is a functional fitness gymnasium located in Yatton. They also use ENGYM our membership and timetable software.

CommandoFit Bristol was established in 2014, Starting out running bootcamps around Bristol it quickly grew into a fitness training business out of a local gym. In 2019 Owner Joe moved his operation into his own functional fitness gymnasium, Joes has successfully kept growing in the years that followed.

Originally Joe came to us to build a bespoke software package that allowed him to manage all the administrative tasks the business needed. The initial spec included a timetable, membership management and class booking system his members could use.

With Joe we built the tools he needed to make this possible and the result was Engym. With the help of Joe and all CommandoFit Bristol, Engym has been able to grow, working closely to get the functions into the software that he and his members depend on.

Engym has come on a long way since the original spec was thrashed out, we now have Benchmarking and Programming modules that give members ability to track their progress and see the rewards their efforts can achieve. A permission-based staff module which allow logins to be created so staff members can gain access to the areas of the system they need, and a blogging engine so Joe can keep his members up to date with new and events going on in the gym.

We look forward to working with joe over the years to come to deliver him what he and his members need.

CommandoFit Bristol